Friday, May 13, 2011

A Whale Of A Time

Ryker and I caught a whale! Well, not a life-sized whale, just our interpretation of a whale. I love this craft because the whale is all different pretty colors, sometimes doing things the way they are supposed to be done is boring!
What You'll Need:

* Card Stock (White)
* Gallon Sized Ziploc Baggie
* Paint (Washable of course) a variety of colors
* Googly Eye
* Sharpie

What You'll Do:

* Draw a whale, nothing Moby Dick sized, just a small/manageable whale:

* Careful not to leave your little one unsupervised with said whale or this could happen:

* Yikes! Oh well, a little scotch tape will fix that!

* Place whale in baggie, toss in a bunch of paint and let your little squirt do the rest.

Take the beautiful creature out of the baggie and let dry out a little. Nothing worse than a soggy whale!

Put on the finishing touches once the whale dries (eye and "swirlies" in the water coming from the blowhole...say what!?! Weird word.)

Finished whale! Job whale done Ryker, Whale done indeed ;)

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